Eyes Of The Garden

By Mark Cobbs Lewis
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About the Book

Our universe is one of many, but there are few who truly understand what that means. Lucy Haddad and Joey Sanders do, and their friendship and seemingly supernatural connection might have the power to change the world. The pair met when they were children, and Lucy was the only person who could bring Joey, an autistic savant, out of his shell. Their bond was unique, and their accomplishments were remarkable. As adults, they went their separate ways for a time, but fate brought them back together.

The story of Lucy and Joey spans the globe. Together, they will assemble a group of remarkable individuals and fight evils that lurk in the shadows. Together, they will plan and execute one of the most incredible schemes the world has ever seen. Everything and everyone is connected in ways that most of us could never conceive. Can opposing forces find balance? Can the world be made whole?

About the Author

Mark Cobbs Lewis is a retired educator. He taught science in Texas for nine years before spending fourteen years as a principal in rural Iowa, urban Missouri, and suburban Florida school districts. He served as a district science coordinator in Florida for ten years and had the privilege of traveling with many amazing students to state and international science fairs, including some who dealt with the challenges of autism. He has also been blessed with three children, Alyssa, Brandon, and Cody, who have grown up to become incredible adults. Now living with his mother in the house where he grew up in Oklahoma, Lewis spends his time gardening and being in nature as much as possible.

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Published: 2018
Page Count: 526