By Robert rum
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About the Book

We must ask ourselves about what is happening in our world today and where is humanity headed. Extinction? Certainly not in a time frame that anyone living today could possibly imagine. But we can look to the long-ago past and the present as our window into the possible far-off future. What can we see through that window? The book paints a landscape of events occurring today that are disturbing. It tells how we have been treating our Mother Earth since we arrived on the scene and how she is responding. We have not been kind siblings.

About the Author

Robert Byrum is a 91-year-old retired engineer now living in Montana; formally from San Diego, Ca. Writing has become a new interest, this is the third book he has authored, all three within the last year. Over his long lifetime he has had many pursuits including world travel, fishing, hunting and training Labrador Retrievers for hunting and competition. He and his wife Nancy both grew up in San Diego and moved to Montana in 1990 seeking a new horizon and a quality of life which they found.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 122