El Camino Real

By Ann Lorac
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Ann Lorac has produced a powerful and moving portrayal of the first encounter between Native American Indians and the European invaders in California in her new book El Camino Real.

The story is told through the saga of three women: Morning Star, who is as lovely and inspiring as her name; her daughter, Kudi; and her granddaughter Kudina. Their trials and resistance provide an exciting portrait of the sufferings, injustices and struggles of the native peoples.

Lorac paints the colors of the pristine land with a loving hand, and she recounts this episode in the history of the United States in a way that will attract readers and, perhaps, restore to it the prominent place which these events should have in this countrys memory. Lastly, this story has many levels. From a historical standpoint it chronicles the great physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse of the Pomo Indians in Northern California. It is a love story for a brief moment between Morning Star and her betrothed, but also between Kudi and Eagle Feather. Its also motivational because of the strength the characters impart and a story of finding ones lost soul.

About the Author

A resident of Northern California, Ann Lorac became interested in its indigenous peoples. The more she researched, the more she realized the terrible plight the Pomo Indians, especially the maidens, had undergone trying to survive foreign conquerors.

She writes predominantly about women for women, portraying women of all ages in trying circumstances, using their inner strength, creativity and sheer will to overcome.

Lorac stays fit by exercising daily and gardening. She loves nature and is environmentally conscious and an animal lover. She currently has a dog. She keeps up with politics, medicine, astronomy, anthropology and sociology.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 152