Echos From The Universe

By Riley T. Evans
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Have you ever watched a sunrise and experienced the few, brief moments in every day when light conquers darkness and life begins anew? Have you ever gazed into the midnight stars and wondered how God created our perfect world? Riley T. Evans seeks to make sense of the universe, life, and all things, good and bad, through the poetry of Echos from the Universe. Beginning with the physical realities of nature, including things of the earth and of the heavens, Evans reflects on dreams, God, and the beauty found in women, innocence, change, growing old, and even loves imperfections. He urges the people of this world to reject the materialism and fast-paced routines of our society and to find meaning in nature and relationships with others. With courage and reflection, Echos from the Universe promotes the ability of the heart to run, fly, climb, and reach great heights.

About the Author

A resident of Hollywood, Florida, Riley T. Evans, a widower, is the father of one daughter, Ruth Ann. Now retired, he is involved with the Historical Museum in Davie, Florida. In addition to writing, Evans enjoys farming and painting. Echos from the Universe is his second published book; his first is titled The Caretaker.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 122