Echoes In The Box

By Charles Sambare Arufandika
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About the Book

Zimbabwe struggled before gaining its full freedom together with its current name. There had been protests, political imprisonments, and rebellionall for social justice and for the love of the country that once was flourishing and peaceful before the white man invasion. But Zimbabwe, like many countries around the world, is facing the challenges of the modern age, with economic crisis always looming and moral decay infesting all corners of society.

Echoes in the Box is a collection of poetry of a keen observer who witnessed and experienced that part of Zimbabwes history. Charles Sambare Arufandika wrote about the sweet taste of freedom, the lonely life of a prisoner, painful personal relationships, and finding love again. He also delves on the people who positively influenced many in Zimbabwe, AIDS, and other social issues confronting the country today.

About the Author

Charles Sambare Arufandika was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He spent the early parts of his childhood in Chigodora Village before moving to the city of Mutare, where he still lives with his wife and children to this day. He is a self-employed rank controller and when not occupied with his job and writing, he trains in martial arts and spend time with his family.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 58