By J.A. Adams
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Love, loss, pain, anger, light, darkness the human condition is as vast as it is varied. With such powerful feelings, is it possible that we leave imprints around us? If that is true, what would these echoes of ourselves sound like?

echo explores the lives of several people from different times and places, each with their own history and experience, who become drawn to a mysterious clearing in the woods outside of Seattle. Each leaves their own echo echoes of fear, joy, love and anguish. One young being, called simply echo, is left to explore her new home in the mountain, with other echoes of people long past. These spirit-like beings live on, in a new existence that mirrors our own. Through echos eyes, the question does our echo have an echo is answered.

About the Author

J. A. Adams grew up in the Bay Area, but moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was a teen. After that, he spent twelve years in the Navy and saw much of the world, before settling for a few years in the Pacific Northwest, where he taught industrial automation. After a few years of that, he packed up and moved to Elko, Nevada, where he now works as an Automation Engineer in a gold mine.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 130