Dysfunctional Players With Good Women

By Marguerite Dyer-Hunt
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Has someone close to you ever disappointed you in such a way that you did not know who this person was? Have you ever been betrayed in a relationship and wondered, What would have happened if I would have only done this? or What did I do? Did you ever feel that maybe you arent the good person you thought you were because if you were he never would have done what he did to you? Have you ever made a hundred excuses to family and friends concerning the behavior of the man you love? Then this book is for you. Women, take heed among the good men who exist, there are many who are dysfunctional. If you know you are a good person, you need to realize the problem is not you, the problem was his dysfunction. This book catalogs a number of stories that explain just that: men who are dysfunctional players and the women who loved them and were hurt by them. If you feel you are alone and no one understands your pain, this book will bring solace to you by letting you know you are not alone. If you are wondering what the warning signs are for trouble in a relationship, this book can help bring to light a few of these signals. It is a book about the courage of women to face their fears, stand up for themselves, and believe they deserve better.

About the Author

Raised and educated in England, Ms. Dyer-Hunt has spent her career working in various Social Service departments. Ms. Dyer-Hunt is the mother of three children, Claudine, Lisa, and Lovern Dyer. Although she is now semi-retired, she still works with abused young people in government care. When not working Ms. Dyer-Hunt likes to spend her time travelling, going to health clubs and the gym, reading, socializing, dining out, and helping other people in times of need.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 130