Dumb Bitch Juice

By William Collier
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Dumb Bitch Juice is a book of poems for anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak. In this witty yet empathetic collection, William Collier explores the pain of a broken relationship and the spectrum of emotions that come with it. These poems dive into what it feels like to lose love as well as the bravery it takes to start the healing process. This book is a reminder to anyone who has been in a dark place that the sun will rise again.

About the Author

William Collier has always had a creative streak and enjoyed writing as a hobby. When he went through a dark period in his life he decided to put this creativity into a book as a way of dealing with his grief. He thinks that a lot of people will get where he is coming from while reading this because a lot of people in the world have been through something similar to what he went through. With that in mind Collier wrote this as a way of healing but also as a bit of hope for someone hurting. If he can make it through, so can they.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 148