Dropping Knowledge With Steel Bill And Rahman Jamaal

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Hip-Hop has changed the world. More than a genre of music, Hip-Hop is a style, an attitude, a way of life. So many brilliant and influential artists have shaped Hip-Hop over the years that a complete listing of them would be impossible. Only slightly less impossible is the task of naming the top Hip-Hop artists of all time. Where do you start? Where do you end? Top 10? Top 100? Top 1000?

MEH III doesn’t profess to have all of the answers. He doesn’t claim that his list is definitive or even that it’s better than anyone else’s list. What he does claim is a wealth of knowledge about the world of Hip-Hop and a passion for the genre that knows no bounds. You don’t have to agree with all of his lists, but you’ll have to admit one thing: he knows what he is talking about.

About the Author

MEH III is a promoter, producer, and songwriter from Oakland, California. A member of the Hip-Hop Congress, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading Hip-Hop culture, he hopes his writing will inspire deeper research into the history of Hip-Hop.

Published: 2018
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