Dove: A Redemption Story

By Kevin Greer
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A highly readable remembrance that tackles issues of race, family, and Christian faith. - Kirkus Review 3/10/2022

Growing up on Chicago’s south side, Kevin Greer encountered a myriad of challenges including drug abuse, racism, and alienation that sent him on a downward spiral of personal and spiritual failures. In dove, he walks the reader through a true story of tears, tragedy, and ultimate triumph through the grace of God.

About the Author

Kevin Greer is the founder and president of A.R.K. world outreach ministries, a global evangelistic association. As lead evangelist of A.R.K. he holds large scale gospel crusades in some of the most remote places on earth. Prior to forming A.R.K., he held executive positions at various fortune 500 companies before forming his own financial services firm. He is a native of Chicago, Illinois where he still resides today. When not engaged in ministry and business activities he enjoys traveling with his wife, Andrea.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 370