Don't Be Afraid Of Fifty: The Twelve Step Process To Turning Fifty

By Lisa G. Samia
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Dont Be Afraid of Fifty: The Twelve-Step Process to Turning Fifty

Are you AFRAID of Fifty? Well dont be! Most women experience some kind of fear when they are confronted with turning fifty. There are plenty of ways to enjoy turning fifty! Take this twelve-step process and make a change- make yourself sensational at fifty.

Lisa Samias own interpretation of midlife living, Dont be Afraid of Fifty, assists every woman on how to optimistically cope with turning fifty. Lisa introduces a twelve-step process in which women can learn empowerment and have a positive outlook on life. Turning fifty is a crucial point in ones life where you assess what you have done and where you really want to be. So then 'Dont be Afraid of Fifty' and take these twelve steps on a journey to do extraordinary things.

Age is just a number, but complete well-being and freedom are infinite.

About the Author

Lisa G. Samia lives in Avon, CT, with her husband, James. She is originally from Boston, MA. Lisa is a graduate of the Fontbonne Academy in Milton, MA, and attended the University of Massachusetts.

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Published: 2010
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