Doctrinal Defense Guards: Doctrinal Scriptures Clarified

By Bill Blakeney
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Doctrinal Defense Guards: Doctrinal Scriptures Clarified

Doctrinal Defense Guards: Doctrinal Scriptures Clarified provides clarification of passages of scripture that have been misunderstood and abused by theologians of prejudice. Hopefully, if the book is read without denominational prejudice, a greater understanding should occur of the apostles writings. Every Christian should be willing to understand the Bible and without being caused to stumble over errors. This book was written to reveal the doctrinal errors of careless theologians. After reading this book, the readers future Bible study should become less troubling to understand the more difficult passages.

About the Author:

Bill Blakeney grew up in Villa Grove, Illinois. He attended Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln, Illinois, and Oklahoma Christian College, Oklahoma City. He holds a bachelors degree as a Bible missionary, and he possesses a commercial pilots license. Bill served in the United States Air Force, worked as a credit manager, and has preached the Gospel. Bill believes that a good church background is essential for developing character. He strongly encourages boys and girls to join the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts early for the same reason. He supports Christian organizations such as the Elks Lodge and others to socialize and to get to know people.

Bill loves to pray to God through Jesus Christ and would love to see prayer reestablished in our schools. His favorite times of the year are Christmas and Christian Passover. Bill views the Christian family as the most critical safeguard of a nation. Without a strong Christian family union, the nation could collapse or suffer greatly.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 174