Do It

By Lyle Clemenson
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Do It chronicles Lyle Clemenson’s life. Born into a family of six, Lyle was the second youngest. The family lived on a large farm, which was across the Clearwater River from the Red Lake Indian Reservation, in Minnesota. In the early days, the farm didn’t have electricity or running water.

On the busy farm, there were many chores. If the kids were told to do things and didn’t know how to do it, Pa would say, “How would you know if you didn’t try it?” After they tried it, he would come and say, “See? —don’t say no until you have done it.” So the words “do it” were well known in the house and the children did not get to get out of things to do.

Over the years, any time Lyle had an idea of how to improve things on the farm, his parents were encouraging. They said, “Do it!” It became a tagline for his life. After leaving home at sixteen, graduating from NWSA, Crookston, he worked for farmers and businesses. He also owned his own companies, creating tools he needed but weren’t around. The mantra served him well.

About the Author

Lyle Clemenson lives in Minnesota. This is his first published book.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 174