By Kennedy Barrows
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About the Book

The only one who can abandon you is you. In a world filled with challenges and disappointments, there can be no truer advice.

Drawing from her own experiences in life, psychotherapist Kennedy Barrows helps people understand their own fears and overcome their own depression and addictions. Solutions, she reasons, begin with believing in yourself.

Take an inward approach to situations and resist the urge to blame others for your problems. Learn from your mistakesyes, its okay to admit mistakesand move on. This is the start of personal growth.

As for the people around you, just watch. You will be amazed at how taking responsibility for your own life, making yourself accountable for your own feelings and your own actionsindeed, healing yourselfhave a ripple effect.

Be true to yourselfand to others. The world will be a better place.

About the Author

Kennedy Barrows formally studied social work but soon realized a talent and passion to work as a psychotherapist, treating depressed and addicted behaviors. Her hobbies include art and photography.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 264