Disclose, Discourse, Discover Of Poems, Titles

By Elvin L. Turner
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This collection of poetry stems from the authors belief in a live and let live philosophy. With a wide range of subjects, the poems in this volume tackle both concrete and abstract concepts. The observations and instructions found in these poems stem from paying careful attention to the conversations of life. It is one of the chief concerns of poetry to reflect on life experiences, and the collection found in this volume not only accomplishes that, but provides direction for revealing and promoting ideas that lead to closure. By pursuing revelations and by chasing those that lead to truth, these poems unlock the unknown to find the known.

About the Author

Elvin L. Turner is a retired school system administrator and a native of Ohio. His interests include bowling, golfing, reading, writing, traveling, volunteering for a feeding program and staying active in his church. Turner is a member of the Ohio Association of School Administrators, Knoxville College Alumni Association, Southern Poverty Law Center, Phi Delta Kappa, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Area Agency on Aging. After being contacted by a clergy member to write a poem for a church program, Turner decided it was time to share his poetry with the public. Turner and his wife, Carrie, have two children, Anthony and Brenetta.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 62