Direct Ancestors Of Domer J. Huffman, Jr : & D.J.’S Odds & Ends

By Domer J. Huffman, Jr B.A.
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If you built your family tree back for close to 1500 years, what would you find? Would you discover that you are descended from a long-forgotten celebrity? Could you trace your lineage back to ancient kings and nobility? How would it make you feel to know that in your veins runs the blood of the rulers of nations? Would you wake up every day with a renewed confidence and pride in all those who came before you and the future generations that you are helping to create and nurture?

Domer J. Huffman, Jr B.A. spent twenty-five years compiling his genealogy, following the twists and turns of time all the way back to the seventh century. This book is the result of those long years of work. In addition, youll find dozens of songs penned by Mr. Huffman as well as some fascinating historical research on some of the more recent generations in the Huffman line.

About the Author

Domer J. Huffman, Jr B.A. spent much of his youth traveling around Europe and the United States with his parents, going wherever the U.S. Army sent his father, a career officer and a veteran of World War II. After settling down, Huffman graduated from college and ran his own business for over 40 years before retiring. He has a passion for genealogy that led him to spend more than two decades compiling the information in this book.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 418