Despotism In Iran

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About the Book

Translated by M. Reza Abrishamchian
Written by Hassan Ghazi Moradi

To realize just why it is necessary to understand despotism in Iran you only have to remember that despotism has a 2500 year history. To believe that it can be quickly abolished is nothing but a nave dream.

In Despotism in Iran the how of despotic rule is dissected, rather than the why. The why is related to the history of Iran and is not a concern in our time. In modern times there is no historical necessity for this type of government to rely on.

Many of the assertions in Despotism in Iran apply to other nations and countries with similar backgrounds who have suffered or currently suffer under despotic regimes.

About the Author

Despotism in Iran is a translation of the work of Hassan Ghazi Moradi.

M. Reza Abrishamchian was born in Tehran. His hope is to educate a broad audience regarding the ancient civilization of Persia or Iran. He believes that knowledge and understanding will foster peaceful coexistence.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 376