Demonic Redemption

By Sheldon Tichkowsky
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Demonic Redemption follows the parallel stories of legendary hero Andahar the Great, a famed warrior beloved for battling the evil demon lords and their Gornock armies, and a powerful demon lord who has lost all memory of his past, including his own name. Reaching out to the demon for help in fighting the Gornocks, Andahar convinces the demon that he can rise above the evil inherent in his kind and redeem himself for his past.

When Andahar and the demon set out on their journey, the demon saves the life a blind woman whose faith in him shows him that perhaps he is not bound by fate to be a monster; perhaps he can overcome his evil urges and finally gain acceptance from the human world that has despised him for so long. Meanwhile, Andahar begins to show signs that he may not be what he seems, culminating in a betrayal that blurs the lines between good and evil.

A story of adventure, love, war, and deliverance, Demonic Redemption is a thrilling fantasy tale that explores a deeper question: Does our nature define our fate, or can we reject our past deeds and redeem ourselves by seizing the future?

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 136