Deathly Alive

By Lauren Bradley
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Madeliene Cross was a teenager from the small Ozark town of River Rock, Missouri. She died unexpectedly in 1961, but according to local lore, rose from the dead before vanishing into the autumn night, never to be seen again...until six decades later. On April 1st, 2022, under the new spring moon, Madeliene returned. This time, she reached out to four area high school seniors to help unravel the missing pieces of her disturbed life and death, purpose of her dark turning, and to hopefully destroy an ancient and hidden evil buried nearby for over a thousand years. Embroiled in this mystery, the teens soon discover they have less than nine days to unravel what is real, versus folklore or myth, before the evil spreads and can fulfill its vile plan, while hopefully saving Madeliene from a never ending, undead existence.

About the Author

Lauren is a professional artist and college student working on her bachelor of fine arts degree. Her hobbies include painting, creative writing, fiber arts, and her special interests are nature and pursuits of spirituality.

Bradley is a retired environmental scientist and geologist, and Lauren’s dad. He too enjoys writing, most things outdoors, and is an avid rockhound, who lives in retirement by a lake in central Missouri.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 110