Daughter Of Eve

By Mira El Lindsey
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Daughter of Eve: Vivianne, Lady of the Lake

The story of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is known by many. It has been told and retold throughout time. Now see it through the eyes of the Lady of the Lake, Vivianne, as she recounts the well-known tale as it really happened.

In Avalon there is peace, and the priestesses of the Mother Goddess can live and worship in peace. But constant invasions from the Saxons threaten life and rule in Britain. There will be a time when a great king will vow to unify all and rule from a throne of love in Camelot. His journey will not be easy, as there are many who wish his downfall. But with the inner sight that resides within his aunts and sister, his journey will be well watched. Vivianne, High Priestess of Avalon recounts these times and tells those willing to listen the truth about her family, and of Camelot.

About the Author

Mira El Lindsey is a meditation leader and public speaker. Her book “Journeys into Radiance” is about meditation and its benefits. She is retired from public speaking and lives in Mt. Shasta among the mystical, magical energies of the sacred mountain. It was here she decided to write the story of Vivianne. It is written as fiction, but in her heart, it is true.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 122