Dark Folds: The Calamity Trilogy, Book I

By Joshua Kelly
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Jos childhood was marked by deformity and the emotional pain caused by both ridicule and rejection. It seemed like a normal life was ahead for Jo. Fate would not have it, after stumbling upon a sword that turned out to be more than just an ordinary piece of metal but a sentient speaking being, Jos life changed dramatically.

Jo proved to be and extraordinary fighter who now wielded a sword of legend blessed by Tran, the god all Light and all things good. With a battle around almost every corner, the wear and tear begins to bare down on Jo. The appearance of a new evil brings rise to even greater battles, but does Jo have the strength to continue fighting the greatest battle of all time?

About the Author

Joshua Kelly lives in a small town in the state of Missouri with his wife and his cat. He is currently writing the second book of The Calamity Trilogy, Spirit born, Book II, and is expected to finish sometime before 2009.When asked about himself, Joshua replied: I am just a normal guy with extraordinary dreams. I just tend to remember them.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 110