Danny Jones & William's Ghost

By Donne E. Leaseburg
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About the Book

Danny Jones is a child of divorce, struggling to find his place in the world. William is a ghost, struggling to understand his death and the impact it continues to have on his family. Their unique bond allows them to comfort and help one another and begin to heal as they strive to solve a mystery and deal with real-life issues.

Donna E. Leaseburg examines the family unit as it breaks down and struggles to rebuild. Through the exploration of damaged relationships between a father and son, husband and wife, and friend to friend, Leaseburg reveals the value of preserving relationshipseven spiritual onesand coming to terms with the things we cant change.

About the Author

Donna E. Leaseburg was born and raised in Clarksburg, West Virginia, as the seventh of eleven children.

Today, Donna and her husband, Robin, still live in Clarksburg. They have been married for forty-six years and share one daughter and four grandchildren.

Donna spent her career in public accounting as a certified public accountant, although writing has remained her decades-long hobby. She is the author of a rhyming children's book, titled I Dreamed I Was A Cloud, that was published in 2009.

The setting for Danny Jones &Williams Ghost is a real lake, located in West Union, West Virginia, where many treasured memories were made with family and friends. Though some characters are based on actual persons, all characters in the story are fiction.

About the Illustrator:

Cynthia C. Hall is a West Virginia native, born in the city of Clarksburg.

As a soldier's daughter, Cynthia has moved around quite a bit. Traveling around the world has only intensified her love and appreciation for art. With the uncertainties associated with being a member of a military family, art was a constant that she was always able to turn to.

Cynthia is currently attending college in South Carolina. She aims to become an art teacher so she can share her passion with children. Everything in Cynthias lifeher education, her relationships, and her futurerevolves around art.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 278