Damn Those Mules: 235 Miles Back Into History On The Old General Crook Trail

By Mary Wilson Allen
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Have you ever had an urge to try something a little bit crazy, a little bit daring, and a little bit dangerous?

When Mary and Barbara (Bob) decided to retrace the General Crook Trail in Arizona, they understood it was going to be a difficult journey, and they were no strangers to roughing it in the woods. They knew how to shoot, how to cook in the wild, and how to pitch a tent. They had hiked certain portions of the trail before and knew they had what it takes to brave a path previously dominated by men.

The only thing they didnt count on was those Damn mules.

About the Author

Mary Wilson Allen is a retired rancher from Arizona. She is the proud mother of eight children and a former art teacher. In her spare time, Mary enjoys teaching mixed-media art classes, painting, sketching, making jewelry, and of course, traveling trails.

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Published: 2012
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