Dad & Daddy

By AJ Rodriguez
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About the Book

Dad & Daddy

Dad and Daddy is the story of Mia, who has two dads at her house, just like some houses have a mom and a dad… or maybe just a mom. The book is an educational platform for children to help them understand that every family is different, but is loved the same. The book answers questions about naming parents—Dad and Daddy—and demonstrates how this family is just like any other, and that there are many ways to build a family as long as love lives at the center.

About the Author

AJ Rodriguez began writing short stories in college, where he fell in love with the craft. He enjoys photography and works as a banker. While he had always wanted to write a book, Rodriguez did not know what his subject matter would be until adopting his daughter Maliha. He was inspired to create a children's book to help others understand his family.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30