Curious Little Bigfoot: A Modern Tale About Bigfoot, A Legendary Animal Of The Redwood Wilderness

By Mina Sloan Hassman
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In 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin purportedly captured footage of bigfoot in the redwood forests of northern California, and a phenomenon was born that continues to capture the imagination of new generations.

Elementary school is a time of evolving reading habits and unbridled curiosity. As they grow and learn, students who have mastered primary-grade picture books look to transition to more sophisticated reading materials that describe the world around them while still appealing to their creativity. Immersive experiences at this age can nurture a lifelong love of learning and a compassion for others.

Conceived as a first chapter book for young readers, Curious Little Bigfoot tackles topics like family, nature, and discovery through a fantastical story rooted in a vibrant, real-world setting. Tommy and Little-Big are mirror images of each other, both yearning to explore beyond their usual day-to-day experiences. Like the young readers themselves, the characters are trying to pursue their dreams while navigating family relationships, community needs, and unknown dangers.

Author Mina Hassman channels her experiences as an elementary school teacher, reading

specialist, and Northern California resident into a story that appeals to young readers without talking down to them. In following the characters’ adventures over just a few days in the woods, readers learn about the flora and fauna of the redwood forests, and the techniques and

craftsmanship that come in handy when living in the forest — all through a unique and sympathetic take on the stories of bigfoot. The accompanying study guides promote discussions about vocabulary and literary concepts to further the book’s educational reach.

About the Author

Former elementary school teacher and reading specialist Mina Hassman dedicated her career to enhancing the reading habits of young students. Now retired, she looks to combine her educational insight with a passion for inspiring young minds through sharp, thoughtful storytelling. A longtime resident of Northern California, Hassman combines real-world science and environmental information with imaginative ideas to spark her readers’ curiosity about the world around them.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 84