Credit Repair And Beyond: A Guide To Repairing Personal Credit And Financial Wellness

By Mary Caldwell
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About the Book

Credit Repair and Beyond: A Guide to Repairing Personal Credit and Financial Wellness is a comprehensive manual for people dealing with questionable credit with the intent to fix their situations. Complete with tips on how to deal with collection agencies and how to obtain credit cards, this book educates readers in an easy-to-understand manner readers will enjoy and be able use. Author Caldwell claims, “This information guide will help show you how to repair negative credit, reestablish credit, the art of debt negotiation, and maintaining good credit.”

About the Author

Mary Caldwell resides in Southern California, working as a registered nurse. Driven by her natural desire to help others, she was inspired to write this book by her patients in need who had health insureance and financial issues. In her free time, she enjoys photography, gardening, home vintner, music, and various outdoor activities.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 154