Cousin Elly's Short Stories From A Long Life

By Eleanor M. Ryan
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Throughout her life, author Eleanor M. Ryan has experienced love, loss, and numerous adventures along the way. Cousin Ellys Short Stories from a Long Life depicts her ninety-eight years of memories from the meeting of her grandparents up to the present day. Her captivating narration and use of language enables readers to imagine themselves on her journeys to and from new surroundings, struggling through the Great Depression, and the introduction to her husband, Ed. Ryan hopes readers will enjoy the romance, suspense and history of her adored short stories.

About the Author

Author Eleanor M. Ryan has possessed a yen for writing since her teenage years. In 1930, as a freshman in high school, author Ryan entered a school essay contest about a mouse living in New York City named Benjamin and won. Yet her love of the English language was only just beginning, as her love for solving word puzzles has become a significant hobby in her older years.

Earlier this year, at the urging of friends, Ryan wrote several stories in a notebook that they found interesting. For many afternoons, she spent hours writing down memories while seated in her lift-chair in her living room. Before she knew it, the memories turned into the romance and tales of her life in the form of a manuscript. Ryan is excited to share more than a century of fascinating history and experiences through her unique perspective.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 94