By Julie Rupert
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While working on a mathematical equation in front of their home computer, two siblings, Cassie and Tony, are sucked into the computer monitor and into a world inside a computer system ruled by a mysterious sentient beingCorld.

Cassie and Tony discover that Corld is populated by children who are brimming with ideas that Corld seems intent on manipulating for its own cryptic end.

Complications further arise when Bella, Cassie and Tonys mother, finds herself dragged the same way as her daughter and son went.

Now, all three members of the family find themselves trapped in a strange world where only ideas matter. And as each one is separated from the others, their chances of escape become dimmer every minute.

About the Author

Julie Rupert has lived as a registered nurse and midwife in Australia and in Zimbabwe and Namibia. In Mozambique, she switched to various farming experiences and to her life long interest in caring for animals. She continues with this now, in Australia.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 162