Consider The View

By Tony Stefano
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About the Book

Are you looking for a way to help yourself? Do you want to understand who you are and why you do what you do? Are you searching for a way to cope or eliminate your problems? Then, perhaps, this book can help you.

Nicky is the main character and he will tell you what he experienced in life and how he came to understand and help himself.

Tony Stefano wrote this book in the hope that readers with similar problems will be able to self-analyze and interact well with others with similar issues to resolve their personal problems or difficulties.

About the Author

Born in Italy in 1948, Tony Stefano was orphaned a few years after his birth and taken as an orphan to Greece. He was then adopted and brought to the United States in 1958.

He went to school in New York City and then worked from 1967 to 1981 in various occupations throughout the city.

In 1981, he and his wife opened Kantiques, a furniture antique store in Hoboken, New Jersey, which they ran until 1991.

As a child, he experienced life through a unique lens. He had a need to express his thoughts and describe his adventures, both through fictional and non-fictional stories. He was often told that he should write down his ideas. When he did, he quickly learned that he could help people cope with life, adjust to life, and thrive through positive and happy stories written from his unique perspective.

It is from this way of seeing life and wanting to help others that Consider the View was conceived, developed, and realized.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 100