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By Tramain Fitzgerald
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Born in a world of darkness, hidden within the outside realm, and protected from the clutches of evil. This story tells a tale of two twin sons born of the reaper’s blood. Although shielded to live a life of peace and happiness, as time passes little do they know that very past will soon come back to haunt them. Now thrown into a world of despair, these two sons, Grimmall and Crenston, must retrace their past and seek out the evil and all those that follow, to put an end to their reign and its evil for good.

About the Author

Tramain Fitzgerald is father of two kids and was born and raised in Burkeville, VA. He believes through faith, hard work, and dedication you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. He’s always been inspired by Stephen King, and it has always been his dream to be an author. And one day he would like to have his name known around the world.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 346