Collection Of Poetry (By Jacob Mashburn)

By Jacob Mashburn
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Collection of Poetry

Jacob Mashburn’s Collection of Poetry draws inspiration from author’s personal experiences and struggles with OCD and depression. The lines of his freshman poetic collection touch upon the rawness of the darkest and most difficult times in life. The poems are an account of childhood memories and follow along often confusing paths into adulthood, along a dark and uncertain road we all must follow. As much as Collection of Poetry examines the shadows of the human mind, it also inspires hope. Prayer and faith may be tested, but they will help in the darkest moments.

About the Author

Collection of Poetry is Jacob Mashburn’s first published work. He served in the military for over eight years. As a disabled veteran, writing serves a therapeutic purpose in helping him manage and purge obsessive thoughts.

Mashburn currently resides in Buffalo, New York with his wife and two children. He is a member of the LDS church.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 66