Coffee Stains: A Poetic Paradox

By Ashlee Caldwell
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I may not be invading your dreams now

But in 20 years I hope to be invading your days.

Making you subconsciously wander in thought

As you stare at your black coffee

Wishing you liked milk in it

So it would become a golden brown

To resemble my eyes that once looked into yours

With so much love it broke your heart in two.

Coffee Stains: A Poetic Paradox is a way for teen readers, specifically high schoolers, to find a place where they are understood. Ashlee Caldwell wants her readers to be able to read her poetry and feel as if someone knows how they feel, knows what they are thinking, her life as a teenager, dealing with things many people deal with, and things a lot of people dont. She wanted an opportunity to affect someone in a positive manner and wants them to feel as if for the first time or maybe the hundredth, someone else gets it. High school is tough, and its hard to find someone who truly understands.

About the Author

Ashlee Caldwell is nineteen years old. She lives in a rather small town and commutes every day to a community college in her county. She is extremely family-oriented and feels that it is important to have a strong family. They support not only her hobbies, but her dreams.

Ashlee spends a lot of time reading. Her favorite book is The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. She also spends a lot of time writing poetry and developing stories.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 74