Clad In Light

By Linda L. Baldwin
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In this second part of the novel – Clad in Light – all the characters in the first part of the novel – Even in Death – encounter light in its entire spectrum, both their visible and invisible capacities. They learn that without the light they could not be transformed into better people.

Light is easier to understand if we were to say love provides the means by which light changes our nature. We can see light. We can’t see love. When we see the characters in this novel “clad in light” it’s another way of saying they are clad in love.

When our characters in this novel are “clad in light” they grow to realize that light has unified them with the nature of light and how it renews life with its practical nature. What they quickly learn is that light has an impractical nature and will not tolerate an abuse of the use of the light that wants to contain itself in their being.

This leads to the startling realization that light is masking itself as love in its infinite, indestructible nature that extends beyond the source of our light, the sun. Light leads them to know the deep nature of love if one were to doubt that love exists.

About the Author

Linda L. Baldwin has been a writer and reader all her life. While reading a book, she would take herself on a spiritual journey in her mind that was too young to know what a spiritual journey was. Once she imagined that her closet was a doorway to a forest with a mansion where she met, talked and supped with friends and relatives. This was before C.S. Lewis wrote Chronicles of Narnia. She never had trouble writing papers in high school, college, or in seminary where she earned a Master of Divinity.

When Baldwin became a minister, her sermons were based on taking her listeners on a spiritual journey in and out of each Biblical text. Her goal was to open new vistas of spiritual insights that people may not have considered possible to attain.

Baldwin is the mother of two sons and a grandmother of five. While they live far away, they are close in her heart. She currently lives alone with a deep desire to finish writing all of her books.

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