Chronicles Of War: Rise Of The Horsemen

By L D Raynor
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Heaven and Hells forces are locked in an eternal battle of good and evil. But when that battle spills out onto Earth, God sends his finest warriors, the Four Horsemen, to take care of the hordes. But the Horsemen are brewing a plan that will end the wars of Heaven and Hell for all eternity. Distrust is growing between the Horsemen and their master, as God is planning to release a force more deadly and powerful than even God himself. With the help of a new apprentice, the Horsemen facet the forces of Heaven, and the wrath of God, to stop this powerful evil from escaping. Now, the fate of mankind rests with the bringers of the Apocalypse. Loyalties are tested, friendships made, and love found in this action-packed tale of fate, good, evil, and free will.

About the Author

L D Raynor has always had an interst in the written word. He loves to read stories, and has a particular interest in Manga, and hopes to turn his stories in that format one day. He has an interest in history, and loves the outdoors. He feels most creative when taking walks with his dog. Hes a native of Manchester, England, where he currently resides.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 112