Choices By Frank L. Bracy Jr.

By Frank L. Bracy Jr.
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Choices begins with the author writing about the “myth of objectivity.” John Donne writes that “no man is an island,” but Frank L. Bracy Jr. believes that the opposite is true: every person builds an island for themselves using their own point of view. Throughout this book, Bracy offers his center-of-the-road opinion on capitalism, the role of the government, education, and conspiracy theories. The book includes a list of things that Bracy believes must be done in order to restore America into once again becoming the great light of the free world.

Bracy hopes that his readers will see it is time to elect candidates who will meet in the center to provide the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people. 

About the Author

Frank L. Bracy Jr. is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Chemical Engineering, with a Master’s degree from Michigan State University in Education, and is certified to teach in the subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Bracy also has about 18 years’ experience in the school of hard knocks. He was one of the first licensed auto mechanics in the State of Michigan, and a contracting agent for AAA wrecker service for 7 years. He spent 10 years managing his family’s small oil business, after working 15 years in the plastics industry, and he followed that with 16 years teaching in a small, isolated, rural school system in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula. In addition, he is a former National Class racing driver under the auspices of the SCCA, Cincinnati Region.

Bracy and his wife, Joan, both retired teachers and cancer survivors, now live together in her hometown of Three Rivers, Michigan.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 172