Child Rearing From A Christian Perspective: Parenting Back To Basics

By Beverly Norsworthy
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So many children today need love and guidance, and so many parents need parenting skills. Child rearing is not just giving birth and then letting the child find his or her own way. Child rearing is taking the role of a parent to guide, mold, and shape the child, through values, morals, and Christian growth and development, into the best adult possible. In this book, Beverly Norsworthy shows how to teach the child boundaries, structure, and accountability. It requires sacrifice of ones self, time, and energy, but the reward is so fulfilling! Quotes: Beverly Norsworthy has an extremely anointed style of writing. This book is blessed. Charles & Frances Hunter (The Happy Hunters Ministry/WEC) This author has a rich family heritage. Lois, Secretary, Lakewood Church Reading this book has been a great benefit to us in rearing our 3 children. The Cohen-McGaskey Family Helpful information material I recommend this book to all parents. Jonathan, Middle School Instructor

About the Author

Beverly Norsworthy is an East Texas native who has lived in the Houston, Texas area for over thirty years. A graduate of Prairie View A&M University and the University of Houston, she earned her masters degree in occupational training and development for the adult learner. She is also a graduate of Lakewood Bible Institute. Although retired, she continues to teach at Houston Community College. Ms. Norsworthy has been involved with each school attended by her sons, John David and Brandon Rodale, as a PTA vice president and board member and parent volunteer. She has also been a United Way spokesperson and a state lobbyist for the hearing-impaired, and a Red Cross volunteer. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, composing poetry, ceramics, reading, singing and listening to music, and public speaking.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 78