Child Lost In The City

By Sheila Imanni Wilson
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From a young age, Sheila Imanni Wilson felt she was lost. Her learning disability made school difficult, and her family moved around a lot, which made it hard to establish friendships. A teenage relationship led to an unplanned pregnancy. Wilson soon stumbled down the path of finding comfort in drugs. The downward spiral continued as her addiction led her into bad, and sometimes dangerous, relationships. More unplanned pregnancies and incarceration followed. Her twins were lost as the result of a violent attack, and every time she worked to make parole, she seemed to end up back in trouble. She tried a change of scenery, living at times in Pittsburgh, Carlisle, and New Jersey, but no matter where she went, she always seemed to be drawn to more problems. Turning her life around for other peopleher family, her parole officers, and even her childrennever worked. It was only after Sheila decided to do it for herself that she was finally able to get on the right track after so many years. Told in a candid, first-person narrative, this book shares her struggle to grow from a lost child to a strong woman.

About the Author

Sheila I. Wilson is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia. The mother of three children, she enjoys jogging, reading, and watching movies in her spare time. She hopes to reach others who are lost through sharing her powerful story.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 136