Bull Sh*t With Cream On It: A Leadership Memoir

By Linda F. Robertson
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Explore the vanishing Wyoming sheep ranching life of the 1950s while pondering parenting influences on young children to develop into leaders for the complexity of tomorrow’s world. Linda F. Robertson takes you on a ride of personal adventures set in the solitude of Wyoming’s sagebrush steppe and globally in far flung places such as Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria.

Set in the historical context of the times and made richer by family photos, Robertson’s memoir weaves the details about the day-to-day life on a sheep and cattle ranch with developing dispositions for leadership. Each chapter ends with a question inviting the readers to ponder their own childhood experiences and those influences on actions later in life. Finish the book laughing as you discover the story of Bull Sh*t with Cream on It!

The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person.

About the Author

Born in Powell, Wyoming, Linda F. Robertson’s memoir weaves together the story of Wyoming’s ranch life provided by parents Dot and Lee Brunk and the global challenges as a public-school administrator and university director in Ohio. Husband Darrell Robertson’s military and civilian careers provided opportunities to explore the world. He also served as her partner in the study of effective leadership. Daughter Michelle Settecase’s work with EY’s Women Fast Forward initiative worldwide provided motivation for Robertson to examine her own career path reflectively.

However, enjoying life’s great adventure and sharing it with others is central to Dr. Robertson’s real passion. She framed this note card shared by her sister, Nancy Lewis (Nancy had received it from friends in New Zealand). Voltaire’s quote and this photo from that card says it all.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 146