By Robert Ackerman
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Buff Means was born with Myostatin-related Muscular Hypotrophy. Myostatin is needed in the body so we don't grow too much muscle. Buff was a huge baby and he worked out with weights and practiced martial arts almost every day since he was five years old. Buff was a military policeman in Afghanistan. He then became a deputy sheriff and soon a sheriff, and then he started training Belgian Malinois. He and his dog took part in many hairy rescues. Buff was incredibly strong. You'll love the dogs in the book and hopefully love the story.

About the Author

Robert Ackerman was born in South Dakota in 1947. He serves as one of the directors on the West Dakota Water Development District. He also likes to collect art, referee soccer games, and coach soccer teams. Ackerman was the Director of the Pennington County Drug and Alcohol Task Force and more recently was the director of the Keystone Ambulance Service for 6 years.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 166