Bruno And Huno

By Rodney D. Koch
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Bruno and Huno is largely autobiographical, mirroring how author Rodney D. Koch and his brother grew up loving the outdoors and spending time at their uncle Hal and aunt Marie’s house. After the passing of Koch’s father and sister in a three-year span, it was important to incorporate the message of acceptance of loss as a steppingstone in the journey of life. With brilliant illustrations, Bruno and Huno hopes to help young kids who might be going through a similar experience and let them know they are not alone in their feelings of loss.

About the Author

As far back as Rodney D. Koch can remember, the outdoors was a big part of his family. He still enjoys the smell of pine and cedar in the mountains in late summer; the crisp, cool air at the lake fishing in early spring; and watching dark clouds roll in ahead of a looming winter storm. He’s always had a fondness of cats and fascination for their independence, stealthy approach, and often feisty behavior.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 34