Blossoms Bloom At Night

By Frank T. Methven
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Blossoms Bloom at Night

That night, in the cast of moonlight still,
Two lovers vowed with neer a doubt,
And their life fulfilled.
Then their true lips met to seal the tie,
Their lives now one till close.
Yes, love sent the tender gift of rose.

A collection of the finest poetry, depicted with all the wonders nature has to offer us, Blossoms Bloom at Night, by Frank T. Methven, honors the authors late wife in a number of poems dedicated to her and the memories they shared together. Methven had a wonderful life with his wife, Jeannie, but just like any other couple, they had their share of ups and downs and hardships along the way. A call to service for his country was a temporary split of the two lovers, but in the end, they knew they would be together forever.

Poetry by nature comes from the soul without invitation. The only way you can get it out of your head is to put it on paper.

About the Author

This collection of poems is Frank Methvens fourth book; his others include A Call to Arms, The Sound of Hills, and The Light of the Rising Sun.

The authors wifes grandmother was one of Daniel Boones granddaughters. The poem The Meadowlands won for him the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel by Robert Evans, Commanding General, Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1975.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 112