Blitz Daughters

By Dr. Hildegard Edge & Ms. Hildegard Gartman
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About the Book

Our connection to the outside world is ensured by a direct line to the Main Airraid Warning Headquarters in Posnan. Like the other watchtowers scattered across the new German Gau on both sides of the Warta Rivera, our mission is to observe the skies, report airplanes and airplane sounds. For half a year we have carried these orders out faithfully. That's over. Alert and fearful, we now stand at our post on the last day of the year nineteen hundred forty-four. Gazing at the heavens has become incidental. A disaster from the air? Absurd. We know very well that the danger is approaching across the wide plain which stretches eastward at our feet, that it threatens to overrun us. Anxiously, we stare at the unite landscape, day after day, night after night, until our eyes are swimming, until we are snowblind.

About the Author

The ending months of World War II in Poland, the life experiences resulting from them, were difficult for Dr. Hildegard Edge. Read Blitz Daughters for an insight into the visualization of the difficulties endured during wartime.

In loving memory of Dr. Hildegard Edge, the author of Blitz Daughters, my late wife and mother of our daughter, Sabrina. May the fruits of her labor be enjoyed by all of those who read this novel.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 232