Beyond Reality

By Bruce Ford
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Enter the life of a family, where there is: Beyond Reality

Bryan A man of means, who is full of love and compassion for all who surround him. Hes dedicated to his wife and family and is determined to have the best of everything; he almost loses his life trying to show that he cares.

Yolonda The wife that had everything, but was willing to lose it all for what she believed to be true about her husband. Her life of devotion to herself caused her a path of misery.

Carrie The wife of Bryans best friend who was willing to put her marriage and life on the line for a one-night stand. She is demanding and very firm in letting Bryan know of her intentions to sleep with him, despite the close relationship he has with her husband.

Kathryn The sister-in-law, a woman of sexual vitality whos willing to come between two loving brothers in order to fulfill her sex drive. Her determination leads to great pain for her.

Jeanette The ruthless and heartless woman who will stop at nothing in order to get what she wants. With her desire to have it all, she ends up in deep trouble with the man she loves.

Westly & Timothy Two innocent boys who are caught up in the midst of the fury that causes a nightmare that turns out to be a living hell. They live it daily and can only find consolation in a motto.

You can meet them all including the whole cast of characters as your explore their world in Beyond Reality.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 236