Best. Cookie. Ever.

By Bill Heinz
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Best. Cookie. Ever

Anna has a cookie recipe. And it’s a great recipe. Everyone who tastes one of her cookies remarks, “This is the best cookie I’ve ever tasted.” Her dream is to start a business selling her cookies. It doesn’t go well. After an initial failure, Anna chooses to try again. To do so, she has to process her disappointment, figure out what went wrong, and come up with a new plan. Who should she ask? What should she ask? What if she fails again? Though she’s only in middle school, Anna’s search leads her through her own business school experience, with guidance from her parents, the professor who lives down the street and her best friend, Morgan. With hard work and applying the lessons she learns, the Best. Cookie. Ever. business is born!

About the Author

Bill Heinz has been around business his entire life - from growing up in a family business to running his own businesses and developing a non-profit international business leader program for high schoolers. Bill is married, has two kids, and currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 94