By Krassimira Popova
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Wars and unrest between nations have occurred since the beginning of Man. Is it possible for people of different ethnic backgrounds to coexist peacefully? Can geographical barriers disappear with a link of commonality between the human race? Is there a common thread? Krassimira Popova provides answers to these and many other questions in Bells.

Combining mythical prose and haunting poetry, Popova depicts a mystical realm where Bulgarian and American cultures collide, creating a beautiful coalition with a shared hope of peace and unity. By sharing personal experiences and thoughts, Popova manages to permeate the main artery of global consciousness and offer a new path that leads to a revolutionary way of thinking. Bells personifies the human condition and bridges the ethnic gap through the written word, allowing the possibility of a unified goal for democracy, harmony, and peace.

About the Author

Born and raised in Bulgaria, where she currently lives, Krassimira Popova attended Saint Cyril and Methodius University in Bulgaria and continued her education at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles, California. Married with two children, her hobbies and special interests include literature, music, theater, opera, and sports, especially soccer and basketball. Bells is Popovas third published book with Dorrance. Her grandchildren are half American and half Bulgarian. Her belief that they should embrace both heritages inspired her to write this book.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 52