Before America Can Change - Americans Must First Break The Chain

By D. A. Y.
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Before America Can Change-Americans Must First Break the Chain

After more or less seventy years of law breaking and being a constant nuisance in society, the writer has finally had a changed heart and understood the purpose of his life.

In this book, he wishes to change the hearts of Americans, especially the youth, that they may live right, be nurtured, be educated, and be useful to their beautiful country, America. The writer talks about the greatest change in American politicshaving the first-ever black president, Barrack Obama. He shared his personal insights about the said change, its implications, its effect on history, its many sides, in the end wishing for the readers to define his new lifes mentality and the progress it can bring to the new generation.

Before America Can Change, Americans Must First Break the Chain, by D.A.Y., talks about racial segregation and the triumph of change and humanitarian love.

About the Author

D.A.Y. originally came from Tampa, Florida but has been a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina for the past forty-seven years. Now retired, he spends his time with his family and in writing. He also enjoys playing golf, pool, and basketball, as well as volunteering for food banks in Charlotte.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 66