Becoming Free: Recovering From Adverse Childhood Events (Ace’s)

By Gary J. Butler, Ph.D.
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Dr. Gary J. Butler has written a must-read book that presents a proven step-by-step plan for overcoming and healing from the impact of childhood trauma and being able to emerge into the light of a brighter future. Read this book and learn from one of the best.

-Troy Gillem, author of Bipolar Battle Plan

Dr. Gary J. Butler utilized key elements of this program to assist me in lessening the impact of combat scenes that had haunted me for years. If you need a customized program, contact him. He can help.

-Terry G., former Marine with combat service in Viet Nam.

It is a joy to recommend Dr. Gary J. Butler’s book, Becoming Free: Recovering from Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s). Dr. Butler writes with compassion and tremendous depth on dealing with early trauma. Dr. Butler is skilled at listening and nurturing restoration. He has helped numerous individuals on their paths of healing and wholeness. Dr. Butler’s book will help you or your loved ones to heal from childhood hurts.

-Daniel Schramm, D. Min., Chaplain and college instructor.

We could not believe what we discovered about the impact early traumatic events had on our lives as individuals and as a couple. To gain this awareness from the powerful questions in this book make it worth its weight in gold. The steps to making changes in our behaviors were small and achievable. You owe this program to yourself. It can be life-changing for you as it has been for us.

-Larry and Sheri L.

In Becoming Free: Recovering from Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s), Gary J. Butler, Ph.D. presents both background information and specific steps to lead adult trauma Survivors through the recovery and treatment process. This guide is targeted to a Helper, a loved one or professional, who will help lead the Survivor throughout the program.

With scripts, questions, and sequences, Becoming Free is a one-stop source to aid Survivors in their recovery from the impact of ACE’s.

About the Author

Gary J. Butler, Ph.D. has twenty-five years experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Dr. Butler has degrees in psychology and guidance and counseling. He is an active person who loves sailing, power boating, snow skiing, traveling, and working out regularly.

Published: 2018
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