Be Yourself

By Natalie Kinard
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After being homeschool all her life, Samantha and her family move from the country to the big city, and Samantha is enrolled into public school for the first time. As her nerves grow about her first day, will Samantha’s fears come true, or will new friends start to come her way?

A story for kids of all ages, Be Yourself is a lesson in learning to love yourself no matter what others say, and finding the beauty in what makes each person unique.

About the Author

Much like Samantha, Natalie Kinard was a country girl who moved to the big city. As an adult, Kinard now has four children of her own and teaches them how to love themselves and be proud of who they are. As a teacher for a few years, she also taught this valuable lesson to her students, many of them fearing they were not “normal” enough. But Kinard took the time to sit and discuss with each student of the beauty in their differences.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30