Be #Alive

By Jon M. Chambers
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BE #alive

In Jon Marc Chambers inspiring BE #alive, readers will find the numerous motivational quotes that are not only encouraging, but also enlightening. Each stimulates positive belief and thinking. Every quote is accompanied by an original photograph taken by Chambers and his fiance Lisa, allowing the reader to discover and appreciate this beautiful world we share.

Perfect as a gift, to place on your coffee table or nightstand, BE #alive is for everyone who wants to be inspired. Believe that best is yet to come. See the good. Love.

About the Author

Author Jon Marc Chambers has an extremely optimistic and inspirational outlook on life, and a heart filled with an abundance of love. Over the past several years, he has kept a journal of inspirational quotes.

This has inspired Chambers to create the book BE #alive Chambers hopes that BE #alive will inspire readers to go out and live their best life!

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 52