Baron Banglebonger's Guide To America's Best Colleges

By David W. McElroy
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David William McElroys Baron Banglebonger's Guide to Americas Best Colleges is an entertaining, rather tongue-in-cheek work of fiction.

After twelve years of education with a double major in Seventeenth Century Icelandic Existentialist Literature and Chimney Sweeping at Flavius Flapfloppers French Restaurant, Drugstore, and Junior College, Baron Beauregard Barnabas Banglebonger found it challenging to find a career about which he could get excited. For that reason, he created the "definitive college guide to help others like himself find the right colleges and avoid the pitfalls he encountered in his quest to make a living.

If you are worried about your grades, computer skills, or financesdont. McElroy states: All of the colleges listed in this guide are cheap, have scholarships available, or have a loan shark located right on campus. What more could one ask for?

About the Author

A New York native, David McElroy is employed by the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center as a security hospital treatment assistant. He holds an associate of applied science degree in criminal justice from Orange County Community College and a bachelor of arts degree from SUNY at New Paltz, New York. A previously published author, he enjoys the study of history, archaeology, and coins in his spare time.

(2012 paperback, 68 pages)

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